Recommendations For Jewelry For Her

Let’s start with the obvious.  Choice in jewelry is a personal thing.  No-one can say wear this or wear that.  Jewelry is an accessory that helps make you, you.  Not only that, but it is dependent on how you feel on a particular day, or how you want to feel or what you want to express.  Yes, it is an expression of you.  It also depends on the activity or social function you may be attending.  There are some recommendations that one can make, but you will have to make it your own.

Define your style.  Is it gothic, art deco, Celtic, chic, contemporary, sophisticated, whimsical, playful, oriental, middle-eastern, western, all of the above?  Do you purchase because you like how it looks on the vitrine?  Is it because you saw someone wearing a similar piece?

Define your budget.  Costume jewelry has a place and time.  It is cheap.  It can look cheap.  You do not want to look cheap and over the top in “bling.”  If you can, buy something made of a precious metal throughout.  It will look better and wear much longer without leaving you with green skin patches in the middle of an evening.  Gold has a variety of purity choices to choose from, ranging from 10 Karat to 24 Karat.  Do consider sterling silver.  It is a beautiful metal (if we may say so) that is sturdy, economical, and has been used by man since ancient history.  There is a plethora of silver jewelry of every conceivable style and budget, offering techniques that will not be found in any other metal.  Stainless steel pieces are another option, particularly for rings with symmetrical design cues, because it is difficult to work.  Have the budget?  Money is no object?  Try platinum.  It does cost about 68 times more per ounce than silver as of this writing (around $1,458 USD vs $21.6 for silver as of November, 2013 for bullion).

For work – On the factory floor, you should keep the amount of jewelry to a minimum.  However, there is nothing preventing you from looking great on your way to or from work.  Dress it up!  For the office, bracelets are a great accessory that you should try.  A nice pair of earrings will make you stand out.  Check below for your skin type and hair style.  If your office setting is a little more formal/executive, wear a necklace with a pendant and matching earrings.

Evening – Make yourself stand out.  Wear a nice necklace and earrings.  Enhance it with a lovely bracelet that accents your style, and if you wear long hair, consider wearing pinned up so as to show off your earrings and neckline.  For a more formal evening function, wear a necklace with a gemstone.  Combine it with the colour of your dress.

On a date – Bring out the best in you.  Accentuate it.  If it’s an action date, wear minimal jewelry or smaller earrings.  Otherwise, dress it up like going out to an evening function.  Don’t glitz it up too much, though.  You want to look sophisticated and elegant, not cheap glitz.

Weddings – Again, bring out the best in you.  Bracelets are a great accent.  Keep your diamonds at home.  You are not the bride today, so do not compete with her.  A nice pair of earrings and necklace are great.  For the bride, go with a nice set of white metal earrings and short necklace that hugs (but not choke) your neck.  Wear a nice tiara that doubles as a hairpin to hold your veil.  All white metal.  Gold does not coordinate with all that white of your dress.  Wear diamonds if you can afford, but cubic zirconia will be perfect, too.

Blond hair – Blonde hair and fair skin provide an opportunity to either quietly complement, or to contrast.  For a complementary look, wear something in gold.  For a more unique and popping look, wear something in a white metal.  Silver is fabulous for that for anyone that wants a quality item at a great price.  No-one needs to know that it is not platinum.

Dark hair – For dark to black hair, either gold or white metal provide a contrasting accent.  Don’t intermix gold with a white metal, though.  For example, wear a silver necklace with a pair of silver earrings.

Red hair – This is similar to blonde hair.  Gold will be a complementary colour.  If wearing a pendant with a gemstone, choose one that has a more pronounced colour to bring out the unique you.

Short hair – A stud earring with a short necklace provides a “rounded”, self contained look that is precious.  Try an eternal love-knot with a gemstone at the centre.  It is a timeless look.

Long hair – Wear longer earrings and a little longer necklace that comes a to rest a little further below your clavicule.

A brooch or hair accessory always adds an extra element that expresses your individuality and shows an interest in looking your best.

Always remember to put on your jewelry after applying your makeup.

When buying an item for yourself from a catalog that you have never tried on, and you are not sure of how it will look, try printing out the item on a printer.  If you have a colour printer, even better.  Next, cut it out and put it on manually in place and check the look in a mirror.


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