First introduced by Louis XIV of France in the 16th century, cufflinks remain a popular accessory for the discerning gentleman.  Cufflinks are jewelry accessories used in place of buttons on the sleeve cuff of men's long sleeve shirts.  Instead of a button, a second hole is provided to thread the cufflink so as to hold the cuff buttoned.  Cufflinks have always denoted a certain level of wealth and sophistication; a classy elegance.  James Bond has worn them, from Sean Connery in the 1960’s to Daniel Craig in Skyfall in 2012.  They can be seen in business meetings, in black-tie events and other social gatherings. 

French Cufflink Shirt


There are two types of cufflink shirts: the kiss and the barrel style.  The kiss type is more common, and consists of a cuff which is slit lengthwise near the wrist, and the two ends are pressed flat against one-another with the cufflink holding the cuff together. 









Barrel Cufflink shirt


The barrel style is identical to the modern shirt cuff, but having a second hole where the button would normally go.  The cuff wraps around the wrist and the ends overlap to create a barrel/cylinder.  It is a more subtle look.  The cufflink takes place of the button and is threaded between the two holes as they overlap. 








Additionally, the cuff itself can be a French style, or single length cuff.  The French style has a dressier look and consists of an extra-length of material that is folded back.  The single length is just that and looks like the normal button-style cuff, but with the holes for the cufflink.  In Skyfall, Daniel Craig is wearing a French style, kiss cufflink shirt.

The end of the cuff can be square, sound, angled, or tapered.


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